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New installation for titanium and halar coated inverting filter centrifuge

We are pleased to announce the successful installation, commissioning, start-up and putting into production of an inverting basket centrifuge for a multinational company, located in East Europe.
The unit, HT/GMP 900/350 model, is manufactured from titanium (rotating parts, pipes and connections) and FDA antistatic ETCFE Halar coated (static parts).
The unit will replace old vertical bottom discharge centrifuges which are no longer able to process the product in a safe and efficient way.
It is gas tightness, purged and inerted with nitrogen.
The size, basket 900 mm, was selected by the customer as the standard size; basket 800 mm was not sufficient for the required production capacity.
Comi Condor is the only company on the market providing the basket size 900 mm.
Comi Condor’s success in the world with the inverting filter centrifuges is increasing gradually thanks to orders from important companies in the HPAPI, API and chemical fields.
The Comi Condor inverting filter centrifuge production, as well as all the other Comi Condor centrifuges, is fully manufactured in house with modern, precise machinery and with careful control of the construction.
High quality/performance, quick delivery and tailor-made centrifuges are the benefits for the customers.
Apr 26, 2018